Another day another London club lost.

Such sad news to hear yet another London club is having to shut its doors due to destructive licensing restrictions. Dance Tunnel, Dalston’s beloved basement boogie venue is yet another club that’s become part of a chain of closures that are beginning to make a real dent upon the vibrant nightlife of London. We were just there this weekend and that’s why it’s even more of a shock to see it closing.

An online petition has been created to challenge Hackney Council on their unfair licensing restrictions, you can sign it here.

You can also read in further detail Dance Tunnel’s reasons for closing in their FaceBook page here.


First of the Month.

It’s the first of the month!  With a particularly exciting month of music coming up in London,we’ve created a guide for some of the events in London that may not yet be on your radar but we think you should really check out.

1st of April, Delsin Records showcase at the Pickle Factory

Featuring a set from Voiski, Delsin Records most recent outstanding signing. With a number of distinguished releases on L.I.E.S. under his belt and a known knack for constructing sets infused with his trademark style of techno. Voiski will likely be taking us through a dream-like journey characterised by uplifting, floaty buildups that descend heavily into dance floor orientated techno bliss.

Voiski will be joined by fresh UK talent Bnjmn and Conforce.

Get your tickets here!

2nd of April, Independent Label Market at Old Spitalfields Market

Get off discogs and go down to the Independent Label Market to support your favourite independent record labels!

With a huge variety of record labels showcasing some of their most loved music, who knows what you’ll find in the dig?

3rd of April, MCDE, Sadar Bahar, Lee Collins and Pablo Valentino at Corsica Studios

Motor City Drum Ensemble is a man who don’t need no intro. Due to the massive demand for tickets on Saturday’s gig also at Corsica, MCDE has decided to stay on an extra day/night to ensure all his fans get to see him.

He’ll be joined by soul in the hole legends Sadar Bahar and Lee Collins who will no doubt be displaying their rare and unusual take on U.S. house music. These guys are known for digging deep when it comes to their sets, so don’t just turn up for MCDE.

Tickets still available here.

4th of April, Gigi Masin, NTS Birthday special @ Cafe OTO

Following the reissue of his rare ambient works Wind, Gigi Masin will be starting off NTS’s birthday week with what will hopefully be a unique performance of his beautiful ambient classics.

For those of you haven’t listened to Wind, there’s a youtube link here.

Perhaps one of my favourite re-issues of last year, Gigi will no doubt be taking us through a surreal but beautiful musical journey at this event.

8th of April, Infusions with Soichi Terada and Daniel Wang, hosted at Dance Tunnel

This is a sold out event, but just thought i’d put it down due to an earlier post.

Those who don’t have a ticket, I did tell you not to sleep on it!

9th of April, Night Moves with Leif, Joe Ellis, Duckett and residents Jane Fitz and Jade Seatle @ a Secret Location

Night Moves 4th birthday and they will be hosting a number of Freerotation favourites.

Take my word, all of these artists are absolutely solid and we’re greatly anticipating this night.


Also, get your tickets for the night here.

17th of April, Birthday Bonanza with Binh and Andrew James Gustav

Ok… I’m trying to reduce the amount of nights covered as I’m in danger of clogging up the news feed.

Binh is a selector at the top of his game right now. Renowned for his collection of obscure house and techno that really embraces the more technical charms of the genres, Binh never fails to captivate his crowd. We look forward to seeing him Andrew James Gustav, Junki Inoue and Colin Chiddle showcasing some of the lesser well-known sides of House and Techno.

Tickets are over ere.

22nd of April, Gateway to Zen Resident DJ’s all night long @ Corsica

After Gateway to Zen’s incredible showcase at Bloc on Friday night, we won’t be missing this.

This will be our first time, but I’m sure Nick Craddock and crew won’t disappoint.

Tickets be here.

28th of April, Jeff Mills soundtracks Woman In The Moon @ The Coronet

This is a unique opportunity to listen and watch one of Detroit techno’s godfathers presenting his own soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s classic silent movie the Woman in the Moon.

The performance will be accompanied by a screening of the film in what is bound to be a very special night of music and film.

Tickets available here.