Nut Records – Barcelona


On a recent trip to Barcelona, I  stumbled across Nut Records, a small record shop tucked away down an alley in the Gothic District. I happened to be on my way to another record vendor, when I pointed out a vintage store to my girlfriend and this place happened to be next to it. Like all records collectors, I make it a necessity to have a look around the shops wherever I am. I Had just come from a market where I had  hoped of stumbling across some gems but instead spent two hours digging through the worst dregs Spain has to offer. So when I walked into Nut Records and the first thing I saw was Eric Miller’s ep on Sushi Tech, a record I’d bought a month previously, I knew I wasn’t going home empty-handed. The Record stall consisted of 6 or seven milk crates full of records up the

The Record stall consisted of 6 or seven milk crates full of records up the right-hand side and three 1210’s up the right. The reassuring sound of gentle tech house filled the background. I got talking to the guy working there, and it turned how he co-owned the place, We spoke about some of the records and I then asked him to show me some recommendations, to which he didn’t disappoint. I picked out about five records to listen to, he picked me out about 25, at which point I told my girlfriend I’m gonna be a while.

Anyway, Here’s some of the records I got.


  Barac – Verniana EP

Released on Frankfurt-based label, Pressure Traxx this time last year, Barac is a rising star in the growing Romanian minimal scene. Here’s a great interview with him, done recently by Resident advisor –


Domenico Rosa – Roots On Roof EP


This was another recommendation from the guy at the shop, and I could see he was really into it by the fifth time it had been played , and I could see why. Rosa has created a real audio identity for himself skewing the border, dipping between deep and minimal house. This is the seventh release on his Imprints label and it’s easy  to see why it’s already sold out on Juno a day after being released.


Nima Gorji – Connections EP

Four solid originals for various situations from the veteran of the house / minimal electronic music scene.


Harvey Sutherland Bermuda EP

The Aussie must have felt pretty chuffed when he got the call about releasing on MCDE recordings, the self-titled record label of the legendary selector Danilo Plessow aka Motor City drum ensemble. Born Mike Katz, Harvey Sutherland has risen in popularity due to his distinctive cosmic boogie synths. Coming across this was a pleasant surprise and out of the four record featured, was the only one I picked out!










First of the Month.

It’s the first of the month!  With a particularly exciting month of music coming up in London,we’ve created a guide for some of the events in London that may not yet be on your radar but we think you should really check out.

1st of April, Delsin Records showcase at the Pickle Factory

Featuring a set from Voiski, Delsin Records most recent outstanding signing. With a number of distinguished releases on L.I.E.S. under his belt and a known knack for constructing sets infused with his trademark style of techno. Voiski will likely be taking us through a dream-like journey characterised by uplifting, floaty buildups that descend heavily into dance floor orientated techno bliss.

Voiski will be joined by fresh UK talent Bnjmn and Conforce.

Get your tickets here!

2nd of April, Independent Label Market at Old Spitalfields Market

Get off discogs and go down to the Independent Label Market to support your favourite independent record labels!

With a huge variety of record labels showcasing some of their most loved music, who knows what you’ll find in the dig?

3rd of April, MCDE, Sadar Bahar, Lee Collins and Pablo Valentino at Corsica Studios

Motor City Drum Ensemble is a man who don’t need no intro. Due to the massive demand for tickets on Saturday’s gig also at Corsica, MCDE has decided to stay on an extra day/night to ensure all his fans get to see him.

He’ll be joined by soul in the hole legends Sadar Bahar and Lee Collins who will no doubt be displaying their rare and unusual take on U.S. house music. These guys are known for digging deep when it comes to their sets, so don’t just turn up for MCDE.

Tickets still available here.

4th of April, Gigi Masin, NTS Birthday special @ Cafe OTO

Following the reissue of his rare ambient works Wind, Gigi Masin will be starting off NTS’s birthday week with what will hopefully be a unique performance of his beautiful ambient classics.

For those of you haven’t listened to Wind, there’s a youtube link here.

Perhaps one of my favourite re-issues of last year, Gigi will no doubt be taking us through a surreal but beautiful musical journey at this event.

8th of April, Infusions with Soichi Terada and Daniel Wang, hosted at Dance Tunnel

This is a sold out event, but just thought i’d put it down due to an earlier post.

Those who don’t have a ticket, I did tell you not to sleep on it!

9th of April, Night Moves with Leif, Joe Ellis, Duckett and residents Jane Fitz and Jade Seatle @ a Secret Location

Night Moves 4th birthday and they will be hosting a number of Freerotation favourites.

Take my word, all of these artists are absolutely solid and we’re greatly anticipating this night.


Also, get your tickets for the night here.

17th of April, Birthday Bonanza with Binh and Andrew James Gustav

Ok… I’m trying to reduce the amount of nights covered as I’m in danger of clogging up the news feed.

Binh is a selector at the top of his game right now. Renowned for his collection of obscure house and techno that really embraces the more technical charms of the genres, Binh never fails to captivate his crowd. We look forward to seeing him Andrew James Gustav, Junki Inoue and Colin Chiddle showcasing some of the lesser well-known sides of House and Techno.

Tickets are over ere.

22nd of April, Gateway to Zen Resident DJ’s all night long @ Corsica

After Gateway to Zen’s incredible showcase at Bloc on Friday night, we won’t be missing this.

This will be our first time, but I’m sure Nick Craddock and crew won’t disappoint.

Tickets be here.

28th of April, Jeff Mills soundtracks Woman In The Moon @ The Coronet

This is a unique opportunity to listen and watch one of Detroit techno’s godfathers presenting his own soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s classic silent movie the Woman in the Moon.

The performance will be accompanied by a screening of the film in what is bound to be a very special night of music and film.

Tickets available here.

Preview: Annie Mac Presents Lost & Found

Fast becoming the queen of UK music, Annie mac is working tirelessly to cement this title. Having seen her two weeks ago at the House of Vans Birthday it’s easy to see how she meets the needs of a variety of crowds. Her stature in the UK scene (and worldwide) has culminated in her having the pull to convince thousands of Brits to head to Malta in early April for her very own festival.

We aren’t going to deny, that the lineup isn’t groundbreaking in terms of programming, but it’s a safe, talented bill which will do the job for the audience present.

Here’re our top five sets to see over the festival.

1.Hudson Mohawke b2b Mark Ronson

For us the most exciting set of the festival. Mark Ronson is one of the most prolific producers of our time. He’s a producer that unlike most, presents himself as the artist. He still, however, puts in a strong amount of DJ sets. Accompanying Ronson is another world class producer who has been working with the likes of Drake And Kanye in recent times and that is Hudson Mohawke. This promises to be a memorable set.

2. Martinez Brothers 

One thing for sure the Martinez Bro’s Know how to bring the party. They May be labelled as circuit DJ’s but it’s for a good reason. You can’t go wrong with these guys.

3.  Bicep

The Northern Irish lads have really risen to prominence over the last the couple years, which now see’s them high up on most line up’s in today’s leading electronic music festivals. We are looking forward to hearing them drop some of their rare finds.

4.  Stormzy 

Off the back of multiple performances at SXSW, Stormzy is Gracing Malta with his domineering presence. In what’s a predominantly dance orientated lineup, Stormzy brings the live factor to the festival, showing  some of the best that Britain has to offer.

5. DJ EZ

After Completing his 24 hour set for Cancer Research, we couldn’t not include EZ. Not only that but his incredible mixing style cements him as one of the best DJ’s around. We are looking forward to him gracing the stage with his presence.

We will also be bringing you videos and images, live from the festival Via our Instagram.

Soichi Terada the Happy DJ


A person looking into the underground electronic music scene could quite easily mistake the cold faces stamped across many of today’s leading acts as a precondition for appreciating the music that we do. Certainly, to some extent, there’s an element of grouchiness that has come to be bestowed upon the electronic music community as a whole. This has become a noticeable trait in a climate where a longing for distinction and individualism has taken pride of place over principles of togetherness and harmony, (principles it could be argued that electronic music was originally founded upon).

But let us not dwell too much on the unfortunate mental states of others, after all, there are still plenty of artists out there who really relish what they do. One individual who particularly stands out from the crowd is the Tokyo producer Soichi Terada. Soichi is a man who clearly gains ceaseless excitement from his work. Distinguished by a collection of flawless tunes and extravagant shirts his recent recognition has disturbed the industry standard of the miserable DJ.

Soichi is a man that clearly has not forgotten what electronic music is all about and we can only hope that his obvious happiness passes on to others in an industry that is fast losing sight on how to let loose and have a good time. 

As for us, we are super stoked to catch Soichi and Daniel Wang playing at Dance Tunnel on the 8th of April, if you haven’t got your tickets yet, grab them here, don’t sleep though because this one’s bound to sell out with a limited capacity of just 200.