Soichi Terada the Happy DJ


A person looking into the underground electronic music scene could quite easily mistake the cold faces stamped across many of today’s leading acts as a precondition for appreciating the music that we do. Certainly, to some extent, there’s an element of grouchiness that has come to be bestowed upon the electronic music community as a whole. This has become a noticeable trait in a climate where a longing for distinction and individualism has taken pride of place over principles of togetherness and harmony, (principles it could be argued that electronic music was originally founded upon).

But let us not dwell too much on the unfortunate mental states of others, after all, there are still plenty of artists out there who really relish what they do. One individual who particularly stands out from the crowd is the Tokyo producer Soichi Terada. Soichi is a man who clearly gains ceaseless excitement from his work. Distinguished by a collection of flawless tunes and extravagant shirts his recent recognition has disturbed the industry standard of the miserable DJ.

Soichi is a man that clearly has not forgotten what electronic music is all about and we can only hope that his obvious happiness passes on to others in an industry that is fast losing sight on how to let loose and have a good time. 

As for us, we are super stoked to catch Soichi and Daniel Wang playing at Dance Tunnel on the 8th of April, if you haven’t got your tickets yet, grab them here, don’t sleep though because this one’s bound to sell out with a limited capacity of just 200.


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